Contact Information and Rates

As of today the rate for one on one tutoring is $50 per hour.

limited offer:

For $10 off your first session, please enter your email.

If today is , I'm open!

Text or call 1-604-655-5655.

Electrify me an email: tallguytutoring @

The math dojo is located downtown Toronto at 833 King Street West, M5V 1N9. This is where you'll go for all your in person sessions. All other sessions are done online!

If you or your child are having a lot of trouble with math, I can help you. I don't know of anyone else who can do as good a job as me, or who puts as much care and devotion into teaching.

How it works: I have access to a wonderful learning pad which is where I offer my main service, which is one on one tutoring. I have a nice big table with lots of room. I can meet there every day! It's amazing, and students of all levels love it.

I humbly ask for cash, e-transfer or cheque for payments.

Want to enroll? Please use email.

Have a question? Text, email, or phone call all work great.

Shoot me a text or call: 1-(604) 655-5655.

If I'm not able to answer the phone, please send an email or text.

Electrify me an email: tallguytutoring @

Email is the best way for you to get the fastest possible reply with the most details.