Allow myself to introduce, myself.

I the tall guy at Tall Guy Tutoring and I teach math really, really, REALLY well.

Hey guys, I’m Sheldon. I’m a math teacher. Total nerd. Not really any other way to put it! See my Google reviews. I've been teaching for a long time!! Actually, I've been teaching since I was in high school. I love teaching, and I’m really good at it. I have the mentality that I can teach anyone the math they need to learn.

I've completed my masters degree from the University of Waterloo (scroll to the bottom of the page to see my name!), where I was a TA for university algebra and calculus courses. I've run my tutoring business since 2010. I've written a book about tutoring, and I write math articles on my spare time. I've recently taught 6 undergraduate math course exam prep courses at the University of British Columbia.

Tutoring and teaching eager students is my life's work. You, the student, are my complete focus. This is deluxe teaching, and it's second to none.

I have over 10,000 hours behind me in hundreds of courses, with hundreds of students. In that time, I noticed that a lot of kids were moving through the grades without having mastery over the material and without having built strong study habits and confidence. How can students then go on to have confidence learning things that are even more complex?

The most important elements to my teaching is confidence and curiosity. My teaching style is designed so that no matter what, each of our students will possess these incredibly powerful qualities. Confidence is built through practicing and working through hundreds of practice exercises. Curiosity is built by taking all the time it takes to demonstrate to the students that the crazy world of math actually makes sense, as opposed to giving them a list of formulas to memorize.

The classroom style of 30 students for one teacher is so out of date it’s not even funny!!

If you want to hire me or contact me, email me at


Most grades increase by 20%

After all, this is what you're paying for, right?

I've had students' grades go from 30% to 80%, and from 50% to A+. No kidding. You can do it, and I can help. Let's rock those grades!


I have tutored hundreds of course variations

And hundreds of students. Yeesh that's a lot of math.

Why is that girl so mad about us being geeks? She should chill out! Anyway, I've tutored courses from tons of local colleges and universities, as well as tons of the surrounding high schools and elementary schools.

50% of my business is from return customers

Another 30% is through referrals

The only thing I love more than math is teaching it. I think most of our students pick up on that pretty quick.


Sheldon, TGT founder, is really, really tall

Or your money back

Yup, I'm actually super tall. Sometimes I lose my students in the classroom because I'm so much taller than them!!! But I almost always find them again. Almost.

sweet, can I sign up already?

You can learn anything.